My friend Larry was told he had cancer. He faced it bravely, but there’s no denying the C bomb ravages faith and emotions. In a cold and dreary chemo room there’s need for love. For reminders of hope, comfort and encouragement. I made a recording of scriptures for my friend. And I personalized them with his name. To remind him, Jesus loves Larry.

Larry had me make recordings for people he met in the hospital. So I made them. By the time Larry went to be with our Lord I had recorded over 300 names. I'm loading them up on this website and recording more, as I can. They are available here for FREE. (See below.)

Thanks for reading. Share with friends. Send a message if you have a really cool name for me to record.


The voice from "Jesus Loves Larry"

Larry's Story

Words of encouragement spoken personally to you.

Free Personalized Scripture For You!

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Some people like to give actual CDs, for which there is a cost to me. If there is a name I haven't recorded yet or you'd like to order a CD with personalized scripture, just send me an email. (If you consider making a financial gift of any size to help defray costs, just click the "donate" button below. I'm honored to connect with you here. Thanks again!)